This is Me

Since I was a little girl, I loved reading and writing. My stories were often three times longer than required by my elementary school teachers.

For whatever reason, I didn’t think that was something I could actually do . . . that is until 2012 when I decided to start an inspirational blog. And then started writing articles (over 400 so far) for and book reviews for a newspaper.

That soon led to working on some books and contributing to a writing blog, THINKING THROUGH OUR FINGERS. Then, I took the leap into starting and running a site for survivors of sexual abuse with a religious perspective, FINDING HOPE AND HEALING.

So, that is maybe all reeeeaallllly boring . . .

Besides that, I love to indulge in Dr. Pepper and chocolate, have deep chats with close friends, and go on date nights with my hot husband. My life is simple and chill, well, except when my six kids are all awake. 🙂